Langer, Manny

Manny Langer was born June 6th 1929, in Lodz Poland to a large Jewish family, with three sisters and two brothers. Before the beginning of the Second World War, his family had a successful Kosher dairy business. In the morning he attended Hebrew school, and in the afternoon Polish school. In addition to Hebrew school, Manny and his family belonged to a synagogue and went consistently every weekend. He described his life as nice, simple and friendly. The beginning of the war changed all that, and Manny found himself deported to the ghetto, where his life as a slave labourer began. He and his family endured tremendous hardships, and a succession of camps, from which Manny miraculously was able to emerge alive. After the war, he was able to reconnect with his siblings, and he moved to the US and then Canada to start his life anew. Since he has become a powerful speaker, urging today’s youth to find harmony and justice in a world that showed him the opposite.

Manny and his daughters visited Crestwood in January 2017, when they spoke to English 8 students and did an interview with a CHC2D students.