Lane, Ruth

Ruth Lane grew up in Wales, in the U.K.  She was six when World War Two began, and her memories of childhood against the backdrop of wartime restrictions remind us that the war was about much more than the battlefield itself.  Ruth recalled the American soldiers stationed nearby, the rationing, the bombing, and the disruptions of life that typified those years.

She also vividly recalls her family; her mother was a teacher, and just not a typical housewife in Ruth’s words, and her father was a veteran of the Great War, and an air raid warden in the Second World War.  She also shares the achievements of her brothers, as well as her own journey to Toronto in the 1950s, when she met her future husband, Holocaust Survivor Mark lane, whose story can also be found in the Crestwood Oral History Project.

Ruth was interviewed in her home by Scott Masters in July 2015.