Lampracos, Athena

Athena Lampracos was born on the 18th of  October 1938. She was raised in a small village with a large family, she grew up with five sibling, her two parents, and her grandparents.   Athena never experienced a normal child hood because she was raised into the war, and fear. The Germans invaded and took away childhood from children all over Greece.
Athena grew up in this village occupied by Germans; wherever she went as a child war followed as it was every where. She grew up in fear of the Germans, and she often had to flee up to bunkers in the mountains when the Germans would bomb villages.
When the war was over, Athena had enough of her basic necessities to restart her life in Greece. She worked very hard to recreate her life in Greece yet it was still difficult. Athena would later move to Canada to start again.

Athena was interviewed for this project in early 2014, by her grandson Matthew Gionnas.