Kucher, Nicholas

LCdr Nicholas Kucher hails from the Canadian Prairies, where he was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  He made the decision to join the Canadian Forces (CAF) coming out of high school and college.  He made his way to St-Jean, Quebec for basic training, and as a future naval officer he saw advanced training and officer qualifications take place in Halifax and Esquimalt, B.C.  He has taken part in a number of deployments, one of the early ones being Operation Altair, a circumnavigation exercise that took Nick all around the world, at times making a direct contribution to prosecuting the War on Terror.  Nick spent a significant amount of time in the Middle East, taking part in naval interdiction operations that sought to stem the flow of heroin from Afghanistan, among many other initiatives.  He also spent time in the Pacific and the Arctic, monitoring Canadian security and partnerships in all parts of the world, and dealing with the complexities of potential real conflict in the modern world.  Nick is spending 2021-2022 at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto; in early April 2022 he participated in a zoom session with Mr. Masters’ Politics 12 class.