King, Bill

Bill King served in the Canadian Forces from 1951-56.  Bill  grew up in Nova Scotia, against the backdrop of WW2.  He remembers well the sacrifices of other family members who served in that conflict, and he considers them the real veterans.  Bill’s service coincided with the Korean War, and although he did not go to Korea, he was decorated by the Korean government, for his role in the transhipment of supplies through his European base.  Bill’s service took place in Europe, in both France and Germany, just as the Cold War was heating up.  He has fond memories of his time in both nations, and considers himself lucky to have served alongside other NATO forces.  At the end of his term, Bill resumed his life in Canada, taking a job with CP in Toronto.  He remains active in the Legion, and we thank Helen Pearce and Legion Branch 11 for hosting this interview.