Jones, Eve

We met Eve Jones at the Castle Peak Retirement Suites in Bracebridge, where she presently lives.  Eve is one of several authors/editors who assembled At Your Age, a collection of stories of those who live there.  The residents felt it was important for them to record their stories, which serve as a great entry point into their generation’s collective experiences.

Eve’s own story very much centres around her artistic ambitions; born in Winnipeg, Eve had a powerful voice that led her to a career in song.  She worked her way to the Toronto Conservatory, and was among Canada’s top stars of the 50s.  She ventured across the country and performed with the likes of Robert Goulet.  From there, she settled in the Toronto area, where she and her husband raised their family, and she stayed in the arts, teaching piano, including the song “Chopsticks”, subject of a motif here.