Johns, Everett

Everett Johns was born September 30, 1925 in Ingersoll, Ontario.  He grew up there during the difficult years of the Great Depression, going to school and the movies – and occasionally getting in trouble.  Everett’s young family life was unfortunately not happy, so when the war came – and when he was old enough – he joined the navy.  He was quickly off to Toronto, and after a short time he was shipped down east, spending his war in Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Everett never did receive his proper naval training; he was instead called upon to perform guard duty at the various bases where he was stationed.  Everett would guard the gates and do base patrols, and he was often called upon to do shore patrols and payroll guard duty.  The war ended while Ev was at Sydney, and the navy sent him to HMCS Nonsuch in Edmonton for a time.  He took advantage of the available veterans’ benefits and took a telegraphy course in Toronto, later finding work with the CNR in northern Ontario.  He also married and raised his family during those postwar years, finding his place in Canada.  Ev Johns was interviewed in December 2023 by Scott Masters at the Parkwoods Veterans’ Centre in London, Ontario.


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