Jennings, Lara

Lara Jennings was born and raised in Grimsby, Ontario, and lived a sound childhood. She attended a plethora of high schools prior to graduation and deciding to pursue a military path.  Jennings studied and graduated from Engineering at RMC prior to her choice of field in the military, which was the airforce. Beginning with regular bootcamp, she transitioned to an Air Combat Systems Officer, and began specialized training. She  was deployed through NATO and stationed in Sigonella, Italy as part of her first deployment, the operation to take out Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddhafi.  She later took part in Operation Soprano, a UN mission in South Sudan.  Along the way, she has trained on many different types of aircraft and is always learning the new technology that defines her job.  Major Jennings is studying at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto at present, and she and six other officers visited Crestwood in April-May 2019, sharing their experiences and offering a practical look at international law and peacekeeping.