Muskat, Jack

Jack was born in a small and impoverished village in Poland on the White Russian boarder. The name of this town was Sharkazhena.

He attended a Polish public school until 1939, when the Russians came in and occupied Jack’s small village.

Despite undergoing the horrors of the Holocaust, Jack is now living a happy and healthy life. He is happily married to his wife Charlotte, and he has one son, Lyle, and one daughter, Candice. As well, he also has 6 grandchildren .

Upon arriving in Canada life was not easy, but it was much better than his life back at home. However, Jack often dreams about those that he misses and those that have died as a result of the Holocaust. While he is now living a happy life, his memories of what happened during the Holocaust will never fade.

Jack was interviewed for this project by Crestwood student Jenna Calderone.