Hewlett, Tom

Tom Hewlett was born October 18, 1938 in Toronto.  He grew up during wartime and the “Fabulous 50s”, where he has memories of Elvis Presley and the arrival of television; Tom also attended school, but at Forest Hill Collegiate he decided that he had enough.  He chose to leave and enter the RCAF.  Vision prevented him from being a pilot, but Tom was selected as a mechanic and he never looked back.  He was stationed on a number of bases in Canada, mostly out west.  His stops included MacDonald and Winnipeg in Manitoba, and then Cold Lake, Alberta; he had the opportunity to work on many different aircraft, both propeller and jet aircraft.  His family also grew during this time, and that part of his life led him to request a transfer to Trenton, where he would finish out his career.  Tom Hewlett was interviewed at the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing in Toronto in December 2022.