Henderson, Taigen

Taigen Henderson is a roshi – or teacher – at the Toronto Zen Centre.  He visited us at Crestwood early in 2023, taking students on a guided meditation.  Taigen grew up in Canada in the 60s and 70s, a time of profound change where he and many members of his generation were looking for new meanings.  His travels took him across the country and around the world, and when home and back in Toronto he saw a poster for a Zen Buddhist teacher that he wanted to meet.  He missed that occasion, but did end up involved in the Toronto Zen Centre shortly after that.  As an ordained Zen teacher, Taigen follows the premises and principles of Buddhism, trying to find the nature of self and meaning in a complicated world.  The discussion and practice provided a great opportunity for religion and history students to delve into the larger community that awaits them.