Grosman, Edith

Edith Grosman was born in Humenne, Czechoslovakia in 1924.   Her life and family were all good, until the war came along.   With that, a facsist government appeared in Slovakia, and restrictions began to be put in place, and Edith soon found herself deported to Auschwitz, and after that a series of labour camps.  With the end of the war, Edith was able to reunite with her mother, and to build her life once again.  She went to university and married, and her husband enjoyed great success as a writer.  In 1968 though, revolution came to Czechoslovakia, and Edith and her family made the decision to head west, eventually making their way to Canada.

Edith was interviewed for this project in the winter of 2014, by Molly Wilder-Karabus on one occasion, and subsequently at Baycrest’s Cafe Europa by Cassie Wasserman, Sidra Fisch, Vincent Salvatore, Madeleine Leftwick, and Meghan Massad.  We visited Edith again in the summer of 2019, when Scott Masters, Arielle Meyer and Georgia Gardner visited Edith at her home in Toronto.