Gregerson, Pete

Pete Gregerson served in Canada’s armed forces in both World War Two and Korea.  Born and raised in the west end of Toronto, Pete grew up against the backdrop of the Great Depression, attending public school and then Central Tech, where he studied to be a draftsman.  Pete enlisted in the army as WW2 came to a close, but because he was too young, he was not shipped overseas.  He was in the midst of transportation training, and was expecting to be shipped to the Pacific when the atomic bombs brought the war to a close.  Now a young man, Pete began to make his life in postwar Canada, marrying and starting to raise a family.  When the Korean War got underway in 1950, Pete decided to enlist, going into the Princess Pats as a gunner.  He took part in the momentous Battle of Gapyeong, and he served Canada and the United Nations forces with pride during those years.  Pete now lives at Sunnybrook in the Veterans’ Wing; he was interviewed there by Mr. Masters in May 2015.