Gransden, Fraser

LCdr Fraser Gransden hails from Maitland, Ontario, and is a currently serving member of the Canadian Forces.  He joined the forces in 2001, attending Mt. Allison University while doing ROTP, and he trained during the summers.  His first posting was the HMCS Halifax, and he also served on the HMCS St. John’s and was involved in submarine training/war games on the west coast, as well as fishery patrols.  He also spent time in the Far North, participating in Operation Nanook and helping to monitor Canada’s Arctic sovereignty, and he found himself in the south seas for Operation Caribbe, an anti-narcotics initiative. In 2020-21 he attended the Canadian Forces College in Toronto (remotely, because of the pandemic), working on an advanced degree in military studies.  He bravely volunteered to spend some time with Mr. Major’s World Issues 12 class, and we were able to interview him about his career and experiences over zoom, so students can continue to see how international relations work in the real world.