Graham, John

John Graham was born February 25, 1921 in Toronto.  He grew up in a large family in the western end of Toronto’s downtown, attending the public schools and playing ball at Christie Pitts.  John was able to graduate Grade 13 at Bloor Collegiate, after which time he went into the RCAF.  Basic training followed, and in short order he was in Halifax, boarding a troop ship bound for Liverpool.  Once in England, John was assigned to a squadron, where he took up his important support role as a driver and member of the ground crew, fueling planes and driving supplies and officers wherever they were needed.  Down time was part of overseas service too, from time in the pub to a military baseball league.  John spent three years overseas, and he returned to Canada anxious to resume his role as a civilian.  He returned to his job at GE amd in short order was married and raising a family, finding his own path in the rhythms of postwar Canadian life.  John Graham was interviewed by Scott Masters at his home in Brooklin in June 2022. 


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