Gerquest, Peter

Peter Gerquest is from Saddle River, New Jersey, where he was born in 1932 and spent his early years.  When it came time to leave that rural community, Peter attended Hamilton College, and it was about that time when his impending military commitments began to affect his plans, with war in Korea underway.  Peter was candid about the fact going to war was not his preferred choice, but the reality of the time dictated something else, and off he went.  Fortunately for him, the war ended as he arrived, and most of his Peter’s time in Korea was spent manning the DMZ, and ensuring the truce.  When his tour was over he returned to the U.S., pursuing his education at Columbia, and eventually going into the shipping business, a career he would follow until his retirement.

Peter presently lives in Falmouth, Maine, where he was interviewed for this project by Scott Masters in August 2015.