Frieberg, Gerda

Gerda Frieberg was born in Upper Silesia, Poland in 1925. In October 1939, her father was taken away. In 1940, Gerda, her mother, and sister were deported to the Jaworzno Ghetto. In 1942, she was sent to the Oberaltstadt concentration camp, where her sister was interned. Her mother joined them in 1943. Gerda worked in the machine shop of a spinning mill until liberation on May 9, 1945.  After immigrating to Canada, Gerda dedicated herself to Holocaust education, and to a host of human rights causes.  She visited us at Crestwood in October 2013, when she was interviewed by Jake Pascoe, Alex Hobart, and Sifana Jalal.  We were again fortunate to host Gerda in February 2017, when she spoke to the Mr. Birrell’s English 8 class, and did a follow up interview where Michael Steinberg, Jonas Weissland and Arielle Meyer took the lead.