Davies, Fred

Fred Davies was born May 6, 1923 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, into a family of six brothers and one sister. He graduated high school and volunteered for the RCAF, choosing the air force because he wanted to be a pilot. After enlisting, he was sent to Manning Depot in Montreal for training, after which he was sent overseas.  Davies was a member of No. 408 squadron and then No. 405 squadron, which became a part of the Pathfinders group.  His 46th mission was supposed to target railroad tracks in Aachen, but the bomber was hit by enemy fire.  After being shot down, Davies and a crew mate avoided the German army with the help of the underground for a while, but a week after D-day, someone sold them out and they were handed over to the Gestapo.  They eventually ended up at Stalag Luft III POW camp, where they remained until liberation . Fred came to us courtesy of the RCL, and he spoke to Crestwood students Katherine Charness, Sam Friisdahl and Lindsey Swartzman in December 2010.