Foyle, Gerry

Gerry Foyle served in the Canadian Forces from the 1950s to the 1990s, building a career during the period that corresponded to Canada’s “Golden Age” of foreign policy and peacekeeping.  Gerry joined up in the 50s, still a teenager, when Canada was involved in the Suez Crisis, and he went on to supply the Canadian Forces in a number of their peacekeeping and peacemaking endeavours, everywhere from the Congo to Operation Desert Storm.  He became involved in Transport Command, also supplying Canadian embassies around the world, and in Canada Gerry participated in Search and Rescue as well.  Along the way he worked in every aircraft imaginable, and his service saw him fly Canada’s political elite all around the globe, from the prime minister to the Queen Mother, and the Queen herself.

Gerry Foyle was interviewed by Scott Masters in July 2018.  We thank the Deseronto Legion for their efforts in setting up this interview.


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