Fine, Shary

Shary Fine was born in Romania in 1927. She is currently 90 years old and is the youngest out of all of the girls in her family. As she was growing up, she lived in a small town in Transylvania. She was a gymnast, mountain climber, and an actor. Shary’s family was Jewish. To Shary and her family, religion was the most important thing. Everything revolved around religion. Even though her family was very religious, they never had big celebrations because they were poor. They celebrated big life events by going to Shul. Shary did not have many Jewish friends, but rather Christian and Catholic, and most of the population where she lived was German.

When the war began, Shary and her family began to deal with a harsh set of new realities that eventually saw them deported to the concentration camps set up by the Nazis. Shary survived Auschwitz as well as other camps.  She lost many family members, but in spite of this terrible memory Shary considers it her mission to speak out, and to inform the next generation of what hate can do in this world.  Shary visited Crestwood in December 2017, where she was interviewed by a delegation of CHC2D students.