Ferris, John

John Ferris grew up in Ontario in the prewar era, alternating between the country and the growing city of Toronto.  He experienced the two worlds of Canada, and had positive memories of both.  With the war, John enlisted, recalling it to be a duty and an expectation.  John chose the air force, and he began his training in the Commonwealth Air Training Program, going from one region of Canada to the next as he learned his new trade.  John specialized in communications, and he became a Wireless Air Gunner, or WAG, and was sent off to England to play his role in Bomber Command.  As the war was winding down when John arrived, he had the good fortune not to be called to combat duty; his time in England was more a waiting period.  Soon back in Canada, he fell into the rhythm of civilian life, marrying and raising a family, and finding his way in the world of business.

We met John at the Sunnybrook Veterans’ Wing, where John met with Crestwood students in April 2017.