Fang Cai Pei

Fang Cai Pei and Ye Sai Chu are a married couple, Chinese citizens who were victims of Japan’s system of germ warfare during the Second World War.  Both of them are actively seeking justice for the ways in which they were exploited and harmed during that distant conflict.   Both lost many family members when Japan launched attacks against China’s Quzhou region.  They hope to be to file suit against the Japanese government, and both remain committed to getting a settlement, not only for themselves, but in their families’ memory.

Mr. Fang and Mrs. Ye spoke to participants on the Alpha Education Peace and Reconciliation Tour in July 2017, with the hope that their story carries a message of social justice to future generations.  Translation was facilitated by Shelby Song, one of the tour participants, and David Huang, a student at Crestwood.

In July 2017 Crestwood teacher Scott Masters took part in Alpha Education’s Peace and Reconciliation Tour.  Seventeen educators, activists, lawyers, and documentarians toured China and Korea, learning about the Asian perspective on the Second World War, and exploring ways to raise awareness of this side of the war to a non-Asian audience.  The tour was organized by Don Tow, as part of his ongoing efforts to stimulate social justice education and to improve Asian-American understanding and relationships.

Please note that this interview is in Chinese, with the English translation at the end of each segment.