Du Peizhen

Du Peizhen was born in 1932 in Tieling, China. Her father was an officer who worked in the court, and her mother was a teacher. She should have had a happy and affluent family at that time, but Japan had occupied the North East of China at that time, called Manchuria. She directly experienced World War II when she was young.  Unfortunately, she had to face every cruel and ruthless thing at that time because she needed to keep alive.  What made her most afraid was the alarm ringing, and she lived with the glass that on window was covered by paper, which was explosion-proof. She was afraid to go out the door, and she could not go to school at that time.

Du Peizhen visited Crestwood on Feb. 1,  2017, along with her granddaughter Miracle, to do this interview where she shared her unforgettable memories with everyone about the history in China during WW2.