Cipin, Josef

Jozef Cipin was a young boy when the war began. He and his family were on the run in the early part of the war, evading the Nazis and hiding out with the partisans.  When the Gestapo caught up, Jozef was interrogated and deported to the Terezin camp, where he managed to survive the Holocaust. After the war he remained in Czechoslovakia, until the failed 1968 uprising convinced him and his family that it was time to leave. He ended up coming to Canada, where in 2012 he brought a powerful message of tolerance to Crestwood students Stephanie Tanz, Kaily Wise, and Natalie Krause.  In 2017 Jozef again visited us, this time doing an interview with Robbie Altschuler, Armin Selzner and Arielle Meyer, as well as speaking to Mrs. Pagano’s English 8 class.