Stickley, Charlcie

Charlcie Stickley came to Canada at 7 years of age. After her fathger left, her mother had to clean houses; it was a hard life for her mother. Even as a student, Charlcie was aware of economic realities of Great Depression and felt restricted in school. In June 1942, she met her future husband. When she went to visit him in hospital, a priest came by and asked if they wanted to get married. On her wedding day, Charlcie used her mother’s wedding dress because they couldn’t afford a dress, especially on such short notice.

Charlcie didn’t know anyone in Halifax, so she asked one of the saleswomen at Eaton’s to be her bridesmaid. When her husband was transferred, Charlcie got permission to stay in Newfoundland with her husband from Christmas 1942 until early 1945 which was normally not allowed. Charlcie later joined the ladies auxiliary, and after the war, she became the secretary of local Legion Branch and then ran for President

Charlcie Stickley was interviewed by Crestwood students Alix Postan and Maria Garcia during a visit to the Mount Dennis Legion in Toronto.