Casey, Gord

Gord Casey was born July 20, 1923 in Toronto, Ontario. While working in many different capacities during his life such as a cab owner, bus driver, transport truck driver, scuba diver and bar manager at O’Malley’s Tavern, Casey is best known as a Navy man. In 1941, Gordon Casey proudly joined the Canadian War effort serving originally in HMCS Stratford and then HMCS Brandon as signalman defending our country during WWII on the high seas off the Newfoundland coast escorting ships to Londonderry, Ireland until the end of the war in 1945. Along the way Gord experienced the many facets of the naval war; his ships confronted and chased many U-boats, and he saw ships under his protection sunk. Gord also remembers the storms on the Atlantic, and the time in port, scenes which he compellingly shares here. Gord visited us at Crestwood in February 2017, along with Craig Kingsley, whose story is also featured on this page. Gord was interviewed by Crestwood students Juliu de Gauw, Erik Usher and Arielle Meyer.