Butts, Charles

Charles Butts was born in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1926.  He spent his early years on the outskirts of Boston, growing up against the backdrop of the Great Depression.  After graduating from high school, Charles attended Middlebury College, as he was given an educational deferment from the draft.  He did end up in the U.S. Navy, but was fortunate to see his active service commence just as the war was concluding.  Even so he was involved in numerous shipping assignments in the Pacific, including a number connected to the occupation of Japan.  Following his tour in the Pacific, his ship set off to the Middle East, eventually making its way back to the U.S. after a partial round-the-world tour.  Back home, Charles settled into the rhythm of civilian life, doing his part in postwar America.

Charles now makes his home in Falmouth, Maine, where he was interviewed by Scott Masters in July 2015.