Braybrook, Chelsea

Chelsea Braybrook was born in the city of Sarnia, Ontario, where she spent the majority of her childhood with her both her parents as well as her younger little brother.  She never intended on being a soldier at young age but instead had aspirations of becoming a star like her childhood singing idol Cher.  As she got older she gained a serious interest in the military.  To begin her career in the military, she attended the Royal Military College of Canada on a scholarship.  While spending her time at RMC she was able to become a chemical engineer. From there she was also became a reservist in the PPCLI and was sent to Afghanistan as part of the Canadian contingent.  While there she interacted with the locals on various development projects.  In addition to that deployment, Major Braybrook was part of Operation Reassurance, spending time in Latvia as part of NATO’s force.  She is presently at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto; she and five other officers from the college visited Crestwood in May 2019, giving students a direct look at Canada’s role in peacekeeping and diplomatic/military missions.