Boyd, Frank

Frank Boyd was born in Toronto in 1922.  He grew up against the backdrop of the Great Depression, though he said he was lucky to have been sheltered from the toughest times.  After graduating high school, 19-year-old Frank Boyd joined the armed forces in Toronto, choosing the air force. After training he boarded the troopship Louis Pasteur and headed to Britain, where he spent time in Bournemouth and Binnington, completing his flight training.  Frank became an air gunner and a member of a Lancaster crew.  One mission saw them shot down, and Frank spent time as a POW, where he said he was treated reasonably well.  When the war concluded, he returned to Canada and built a life for himself.

We met Frank at the Sunnybrook Veterans Wing in February 2014, when he was interviewed by Crestwood students Anthony Audette, Spencer Cohen and Braden Harris.