Bennett, Donnovan

Donnovan Bennett is a popular host on Sportsnet, a podcaster, and much more.  His family is originally from Jamaica, and they came to Canada in the days of Trudeau’s multiculturalism initiative, a time when Canada was becoming increasingly diverse and attracting immigrants from Commonwealth countries.  He spoke about his own upbringing in Toronto, and the athletic opportunities he was afforded in high school and university, and how that led him to a career in sports journalism.  In that regard Donnovan has distinguished himself by exploring multiple facets of the field that go beyond traditional expectations, including gender and social justice issues that are at the center of his reporting.  In this wide-ranging discussion with Crestwood students, Donnovan addressed key moments in Canada’s Olympic history, the state of women’s sports, current issues like NIL, the business of sports, and so on.  All the while he impressed upon them the importance of self-belief and tolerance and awareness.  Donnovan Bennett visited Crestwood in April 2024, where he shared his insights in a school assembly, which he followed with a small group interview with the Crestwood Oral History Project.