Aral, Selena

Selena Aral joined the reserves to help pay for post-secondary studies after she graduated high school in 1997.  She started off in the navy as a boatswain and remained one for 7 years.  She then decided to change tracks and try out logistics; she was accepted in 2004, which allowed her to go back to school to train as a logistics officer and also get her MBA.  She qualified in 2008 as a logistics officer for the Royal Canadian Navy.  Since then she has been a part of many missions here and abroad, such as Operation Proteus, Operation Nanook, and many others.  She is currently working on her Masters in Defence Studies and her MBA, while stationed at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.  In April-May 2019 she and six other officers visited students at Crestwood, sharing their practical experiences in international law and peacekeeping.