Alkhaykanee, Khitam

Khitam Alkhaykanee was born in Baghdad, Iraq on September 22, 1980, the same day that the Iran-Iraq War started. Growing up in a time of war, she would use that experience to foster peace, later emigrating to the United States and starting up an NGO, the Global Jothoor Foundation.  Khitam grew up normally, attending school and hanging out with her friends. War was a constant, but in the 80s it was at the frontier. The Iran-Iraq War was followed by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, and immediately after that the Gulf War. Khitam saw the destruction, and witnessed communities struggling to survive the deprivation.  When the 2nd Gulf War began in 2003, Khitam needed alternatives, and the American occupation created an opportunity; she tested to become an interpreter and later worked in that role.  It created dangers for Khitam and her family, and they ended up leaving Iraq.  The family ended up in many locales, and Khitam emigrated to the U.S., where she settled in Virginia, working on her NGO and peaceful vision for Iraq’s future.  Khitam visited Crestwood’s YARRD club via zoom, giving us an insight into the work of an activist.