Adams, Morris

Morris Adams was born July 22, 1926 in Toronto, Ontario.  He grew up in downtown Toronto, in the Spadina and Dundas neighbourhood that was home to many new immigrants, including Morris’ parents.  His father was a barber and his mother worked in a garment factory, and the family was able to make it through the tough years of the Depression.  When the war came, Morris was starting his Grade 9 year at Harbord Collegiate, so Morris’ high school years took place against the backdrop of the war, though it was hardly the only thing in Morris’ sights.  The war impacted him directly only in 1945, when he was conscripted and reported to Camp Borden.  Morris arrived in April and began training, but the war was over the next month.  The army kept him in for a while, helping with the mountain of paperwork that marked the end of the war.   Soon enough he was back to civilian life, ready to play his part in Canada’s postwar boom.  Mr. Masters’ History 12 class zoomed with Morris just before Remembrance Day 2021. 


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