Elfassy, Moshe

Moshe was born in Fez, Morocco on July 25th, 1938. He was born right when WWII was starting, so it did not affect him as much as people older than him. His large Jewish family was very lucky living in Fez because that area was not under Nazi control, and he was safe from the Holocaust. Moshe then joined the French Army in Morocco. His battalion went to Southern Morocco to pacify the area, so Morocco could be a unified country. The people that he helped were very grateful and one even gave him his most prized possession. His battalion was mostly Arab so he was harassed daily. He escaped and fled to Israel where he met his wife. They had 3 kids and then decided that they would go to Canada for a better life. The country of Israel only let them bring $70.

Moshe was interviewed for this project by his grandson Jonah in early 2009.