Elfassy, Moshe

Moshe Elfassy was born in Fez, Morocco on July 25th, 1938. He was born as the war was starting – and on its periphery – so he was much less impacted by the events that would follow. His large Jewish family was living in Fez, an area that did not come under direct Nazi control, though it was part of Vichy France. That put them in harm’s way, though they were insulated from the events of the Shoah. Moshe joined the French Army in Morocco after the war, but his battalion was mostly Arab, and he was harassed on a daily basis. He made the decision to go to Israel where he met his wife. They had 3 children and later decided to emigrate to Canada for a better life, arriving in their new country with just $70.  Moshe was interviewed for this project by his grandson Jonah in early 2009.