Next week is …

Dear families,

Next week is Earth Week! The Eco-Team has some great activities planned for Crestwood students throughout the week. Every day, students are encouraged to wear outfits inspired by our beautiful planet. Please encourage your child to reduce, reuse, and repurpose when planning their outfit to reduce our carbon footprint!

The Eco-Team will also facilitate themed games and activities at recess inspired by important ecological issues. The games will be optional and students who choose to participate will earn house points.

Here is the Themed Outfit Schedule:

(Please note: The same expectations as casual days apply.)

Tuesday: Wear green for the plants and forests.

Wednesday: Wear blue for water and oceans.

Thursday: Wear yellow, orange and/or red for the sun and climate.

Friday: Wear animal print or animal-themed for endangered animal (For example, a shirt with an animal on it)

There will be an Earth Day Assembly on Friday with presentations from the Eco-Team. We are looking forward to building awareness, making a difference and taking action to protect our wonderful Earth.

-K. Patton and K. Campbell