News from the PA

It’s already that time again. Why fight the back-to-school shopping crowds to get your school supplies for next September. The PA’s Bundles Program makes it easy and painless. Just order from us and we will have all that the students will need ready for you before the end of this school year. Look for our order forms in the report card mailing after March Break or go to the PA hub in the school Cloud, again, after the March Break.

To our current volunteers, are you loving the work that you are doing and would like to join us again next year? Would you like to take on a more involved role? Never worked with the PA but interested to getting involved with the PA and work with some amazing people? Here is your golden opportunity. The PA is recruiting volunteers, especially for coordinators for some of our programs. The Social Committee, for example, will need a new team because many of our extraordinary leaders are “graduating”. Their initiatives involved working with teachers and students on the Athletic Council’s Spirit Week activities, for example. There are many more. For more information contact Erica Cooke