New York City Arts Trip

New York, a city so big, I get lost just trying to figure out where to start! How about 10 hours in?

After a lengthy bus ride, Ms. Sawka’s Grade 12 Art class and Mr. Fong’s Grade 11 and 12 Music class, arrived in the Big Apple, New York City. A city that oozed with character and culture from every corner and every face.

As we travelled around New York we were given the opportunity to visit various museums, in all corners of the city, including the acclaimed Met gallery and Whitney museum, or the more lowkey Brooklyn Art Library. It was in these buildings that we discovered works of past, present, and the modern art just coming into play. Witnessing pieces like Jackson Pollock’s famous “One: Number 31, 1950” was enlightening, and nothing I’d ever seen before.

Getting the opportunity to travel from area to area, Brooklyn to Soho, all the way back to Times Square, was an amazing part of this trip as it exposed us to the various art forms, people, culture, and difference in architecture all around the city.

The insight and knowledge that New York holds for us art students is amazing and we are so lucky to get to experience that first hand.

By: Josh Moshenberg