NCAA Recruiters Visit CPC

 On Tuesday, September 11th, 2018, four of NCAA’s top athletic and academic programs (Purdue, Boston College, Kansas State University, and University of Michigan) paid Crestwood a visit. This year Crestwood’s Women’s basketball team is star studded and loaded with immense amount of talent.  Over the next few weeks the hallways will be very busy with recruiters.  Future visits will see the likes of UCLA, University of Florida, and other major well known programs.  Crestwood’s academic excellence, coupled with its athletic standards, has made Brookbanks drive a hotbed for Universities all over North America.


Three of many NCAA’s coaches, Coach Larry Blunt of Drake University, Coach Jason Ludwig of Santa Clara University, and Coach Luke Gore of Valparaiso University, joined Mr. Pagano and Head Coach Ro Russell at CPC this week to see our talented and inspiring student athletes.  We have many more coaches coming to see our players this year so stay tuned!