MS Read-a-thon


This year, Crestwood is participating in the MS Read-A-Thon! Whether it’s a thirty-page book or a three-hundred-page book, every student is trying their best to read as much as possible. Our goal is to raise $2,000 by February 28th. So far, we have raised about $670, but if we all work together to support this important cause then we will be able to reach our goal in no time.

You may be wondering what the MS Read-A-Thon actually is. Well, it is a month-long reading event where everyone works together to read lots of books and raise money. MS stands for “Multiple Sclerosis.” Multiple means “more than one or many,” and sclerosis means “scars.” So, if we put those two words together, we know that MS means “Many Scars”. MS scars are different from the scars you get after you get hurt. You can’t see MS scars; doctors can only see them with special equipment called MRI that looks inside your body. These scars usually don’t go away and can make using parts of your body very difficult. MS scars are in the central nervous system which is your brain, spinal cord, nerves, and body.

All donations will be given to a peer support program that connects with people living with MS in your community. To donate, go to:

By going to this website, you can donate money and stay updated on how far along we are with our goal.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been doing their part and reading lots of books. Please consider donating to help so many people that are living with MS.

Olivia Sherman, 6E student

Read-a-thon Minute Tracker