Mr. Masters’ Oral History Project Continues in 2014

As you know, Crestwood’s Mr. Scott Masters won the National Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education late in 2013 for an oral history project he developed with Crestwood students.

The section on Holocaust Survivors now holds almost 100 testimonies.

As a result, Mr. Masters has been asked to take part in a National Film Board Virtual Classroom, which will take place on Jan. 27 – Holocaust Remembrance Day. 

Mr. Masters has also been actively working with a joint research team in Romania and Great Britain; they have developed a project centred around a Toronto Survivor by the name of Hedy Bohm, who they have interviewed on several occasions.

Hedy is from Romania, though based on the changes to the prewar national borders she was deported to Auschwitz as a Hungarian Jew. Hedy’s story, like so many others, is a compelling one, and one that she is able to illustrate through surviving photos and a remarkable document called the Memory Book, which is the focus of their efforts.  The Romanian and English teams have built many remarkable resources, which have recently been launched. To see all their materials for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014, please click on this link:

For a lesson plan based on her experiences please click here:

There is an accompanying PowerPoint presentation which can be accessed at that site. There are also some resources written for students with special educational needs which can be accessed from the main link above.

It would be fantastic if you were able to be involved and Mr. Masters would greatly appreciate your sharing this information within your network of educators, colleagues and associates helping him to get the word out about these important topics and events.