Messages of Joy!


The Seniors Wish Foundation is asking for our help to bring some light and love to the seniors living at Belmont House. This organization works to build a connection between students and seniors and has been partnering with various private schools in the city to facilitate art workshops. At this time, they are unable to invite students into the nursing home facility due to the pandemic but are looking to bring some joy to the isolated seniors for Easter. Crestwood students are invited to give back by making Easter cards to be distributed to the seniors with their good wishes and messages of joy.

I wanted to share my gratitude towards everyone who participated in making this happen! First to Henri Matisse for giving us the idea of using cut outs, next to all the teachers who took the time and encouraged your students! And finally to all the students for all your beautiful and hard work. Art truly brings people together and can bring so much joy!

Anya Romanenko