Memorial for Roy Pejcinovski

A Message from Mr. Pagano

Students, staff, parents and friends of Crestwood Preparatory College assembled in the gym on Wednesday to honour the memory of Roy Pejcinovski, a grade nine student at the school who was killed, along with his mother and sister, in a horrible act of violence two weeks ago. Roy’s father, sister and aunt, along with other close members of the family were in attendance for the memorial as well.
Speakers came from all quarters of the school population. Their memories and sentiments were heard over a profound stillness in the audience. The assembly gave the school population a chance to honour an exceptional young man who will be dearly missed.
Ms. Newton, our Athletic Director, and Junior Hockey coaches Mr. Peter Tanev and Mr. Mike Vaillancourt retired Roy’s hockey sweater during the ceremony. It now rests in a place of honour in our trophy case. A banner with Roy’s name and number will also be joining our championship banners on the gym wall.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of people who have expressed their condolences to the school and the family. I apologize for not being able to respond to individual communications. I will be forwarding your cards and e-mails to the Pejcinovski family next week.  A big thank you also to the teachers, the grief counselors and members of the Parents Association for making themselves available to students in need of emotional support. I would like our community to know that our staff and students have been exceptional in every way during this extremely sad period of time.
Vince Pagano