Meeting Ms. Mink

Hi, I’m Ms. Mink! I joined this great Crestwood team in May of last year, but this year I am teaching music to JK through grade 3, as well as JK and SK French. After receiving my music education degree in the United States, I went on to teach in a one-square-mile town in Vermont before moving back here, to Toronto, where I spent much of my youth.  I come from a close-knit family of teachers (art and music/wood shop) and knew I wanted to teach from the time I was in grade 8. Having gone to many different schools growing up, it is important to me that I create a supportive, warm, and welcoming environment for all who enter our classroom. When I’m not teaching, I am a performer and the assistant music director for Unsung Heroes Productions, which is a wonderful non-profit organization that puts on an annual musical revue. All of the money raised from these productions, which is currently more than $270,000, is donated to the organization Imagine A Cure For Leukemia. Other than music endeavors, I am a lover of movies – old and new – and enjoy spending time outdoors during autumn while the leaves are changing colour.