Meet the Teacher: Nasser Koaich

Meet the Teacher:  Nasser Koaich
Subject:  French
Grades:   8 – 9

Mr. Koaich was born in Oran, Algeria.  He moved at age 4 to Brussels, Belgium, where he learned French and Dutch. He came to Canada in 2014 and now lives in Richmond Hill.

Nasser grew up playing video games and cherishes them.  He is very competitive.

He was motivated to become a teacher because he always wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives.

Mr. Koaich has had a lot of fun at Crestwood.  One day, as he was walking past Mr. Santomero’s office, he heard some grade 8 kids say they were scared of Mr. Santomero.  He replied softly, “So am I.” Mr. Santomero overheard, looked very severely at them all and said, “You should be!”  Although he found this funny, he didn’t laugh.  He was scared he would be suspended, but then realized he was a teacher!

Mr. Koaich has many talents and is especially good at playing MMORPG – video games.

His message to the Crestwood community is to stay positive.  “Always be positive even when you are negative because  plus + minus  = NOTHING and nothing is better than minus.”