Meet the Teacher: Lisa Belanger

Meet the Teacher:  Lisa Belanger
Subject:  Visual Arts, ESL & Classical Civilization
Grades:   7 – 12

Ms. Belanger grew up in a very loving home in Scarborough. She has one older brother and continues to be very close to her family.  She went to Wexford School of the Arts, which is located not far from Crestwood. It is here that she honed her artistic skills and was inspired by her teachers to become a teacher herself. After high school, she attended York University where she got her honours BFA. Before becoming a teacher though she wore many hats and worked in publishing, sales and was with Starbucks for five years before getting her Bachelor of Education from UOIT in her mid-thirties.

In her spare time, Lisa likes to read, cook, walk her dog and exercise.

Ms. Belanger became a teacher because she loves to help people learn. She absolutely loves Spirit Week at Crestwood and thinks it’s the best week of the school year!

What’s her not-so-secret talent?  She is such a great cook you’ll want seconds!

Ms. Belanger feels so fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community. Crestwood is truly a special place!