Meet the Teacher: Alix Doherty

Meet the Teacher:  Alix Doherty
Subject:  French
Grades:   7 & 12

Mme. Doherty grew up in France. Her husband is Irish and they have 2 sons.  Her older son, Cillian, is a kindergarten teacher and an album cover designer.  Her younger son, Cathal, is doing his masters in biology and his research is in the Northwest Territories.

In her spare time, Alix likes to bicycle and travel.  As a matter of fact, she actually cycles 40 kms every 2 days!

Mme. Doherty was motivated to become a teacher to create resources that allow students to enjoy learning. Last year her grade 12 students made her a cake with their faces on it.  She couldn’t bear to cut their faces!

Mme. Doherty’s secret talent is finding the best holiday travel deals.