CPC’s High Performance Athletes for 2021-2022

The CPC High Performance Student Athlete program is designed to offer greater support and increased flexibility and some additional time within the school day for school work for students who are regularly involved in an individual or team sport at an elite level outside school.









Name: Taija Sta. Maria

Age: 16

Team: Team Canada this past summer and Crestwood Prep for OSBA this season

Aspirations for my sport:

I’d like to continue playing basketball at a high level for years to come. This season I am excited to compete in the OSBA and play for Crestwood. Our team can compete for the title, and I am looking forward to the start of the season later this month. I am also hoping to represent Canada again throughout my career, and am looking forward to preparing for the U17 World Championships next summer. After high school, I’d love to go D1 to continue my education and athletics at a high level. Basketball has brought me so many great opportunities and experiences, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these next few years!


Name: Adam Pearlman

Age: 16 years old 

Team: Toronto FC II & Toronto FC U19 Academy 

Aspirations for my sport:

With soccer being my whole life, I aspire to play pro in Europe. There are many different paths to this like going to the NCAA in America or staying and starting off playing pro in Canada. However all in all my dream which can hopefully turn into a reality one day is to play professional soccer in Europe.


Name: Evan Prosserman


Club: Trains out of Granite Club, represents Skate Ontario

Aspirations for my sport:

Currently, while competing at the National level, I hope to be able to make the Senior level and hold a top 10 placement at a Canadian National Championships. While this is a long term goal I have many other short term goals I would like to accomplish. My season has just started and I have several upcoming competitions. My goal would be to improve on every aspect of my performance in each competition. This season, I would also like to accomplish some important technical elements. The most notable being the Triple Axel. This element would be very important for my long term goal of being top 10 in a National Championships. 


Name: Sumer Lee 

Age: 16 years old 

Team: U16 Canada basketball 

Aspirations for my sport:

I am very excited to be starting my junior OSBA season with Crestwood prep. Considering we are in a pandemic and sports have been cancelled for a very long time. My goal when I was going into my freshman year was to make the u16 Canadian basketball team and I achieved that goal. My next goal is to maintain that goal for the u17 Canada team. My goal for my post-secondary education is to go D1 for basketball and to have a degree in sports medicine. After my time at university, I would love to be given the opportunity to go play pro overseas. 


Name: Samuel Hibbert

Age: 14

Team: Granite Gators Swim Team (GGST)

Aspirations for my sport:

This will be my fourth year of competitive swimming. Prior to Covid, I was competing at a provincial level and was ranked top 25 in Canada in several events. One day I would like to follow in my fathers foot footsteps, and be on the Canadian Olympic team.