Math Contest & Debate Winners

In November, members of the problem-solving club participated in the Canadian Intermediate and Senior Math contest.  The following students achieved a score in the top 25% of contests for the Intermediate contest: Eric Bi, Arjun Anand, Danny He, Helen Liu, Tony Wu, Sophia Gu, and Aries Wang. The following students achieved a score in the top 25% of contests for the Senior contest:  Mark Zhao, Vicky Zhang, Victoria Sun, Steve Jiang, Britney Ding, Claire Zhang, and Alex Wang.  For the Intermediate contest, the school winner was Aries Wang.  For the Senior contest, the school winners were Alex Wang and Claire Zhang.  Coming up in February is the American Math Contest, Waterloo Math Contests, and the Canadian Computing Contest!


This week in town hall, Grade 10 and 12 finalists were recognized for their persuasive and effective performances in this year’s Intragrade Debating Championship. Students in both grades participated in parliamentary style debating on a number of topics pertaining to current affairs, thereby challenged to construct persuasive arguments and rebuttals. The two highest ranking students in each class partnered up and went on to face off in the next round of the competition. Congratulations to our top debaters!

Grade 10 Champions: Cole Eichler and Rowina Debalkew
Grade 10 Finalists: Eric Bi and Ella Rival
Grade 12 Champions: Zoe Shen and Sally Li
Grade 12 Finalists: Georgia Gradner and Parsa Bondar Sahebi