YWN – April 15th @7PM

At 7pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, Crestwood School welcomes Michael Eisen, founder of the Youth Wellness Network. (Just a coincidence; he isn’t related to Ms. Eisen!)

Youth Wellness Network (YWN) is an organization that partners with schools, community groups, and families to promote mental health, resilience, and well-being.  All parents are invited to join us for Mr. Eisen’s presentation, Conscious Communication and Mindfulness for the Family. We look forward to a thought-provoking and informative evening on this very important topic and hope to see you there.

Please RSVP by completing this Google Form: https://forms.gle/e1AuP4MyPZfkGXCg9

This parent evening is one component of a full-school community partnership between YWN and Crestwood School for the spring.  Beginning in February, YWN presentations at Primary and Junior assemblies will discuss the importance of wellness and share strategies and tools that students can practise. YWN facilitators will conduct workshops with our Grade 5 students and coach them as they lead a full-school wellness initiative. Finally, teachers will participate in related professional development workshops.

From Youth Wellness Network:

In this presentation we share tools and strategies on mindfulness and how to use the power of perception to get a better understanding of what your kids are going through, this includes how to communicate and interact with them in a way that supports more conscious and open communication in the household. We share the benefits of mindfulness and meditation while walking parents through the process of developing a simple and easy personal practice that can also be shared with the rest of the family. Parents will learn that an important part of communicating is not just how you speak but also how you listen and how the process of listening to understand can very quickly shift the dynamic in their relationship with their kids to create a safe container for everyone to feel heard and supported.


-Jennifer Krashinsky