Let’s Thank Our Frontline Workers

Let’s Thank Our Frontline Workers, Volunteers Wanted

Toronto Frontline workers are putting in endless hours to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to say thank you.  Crestwood will be delivering lunch to hospital staff at Sunnybrook Hospital and Baycrest Hospital.  We are looking for students who would like to volunteer some time to help deliver these meals and say thank you.


  • Sunnybrook Hospital Lunch Delivery – Wednesday, May 13th @ 12:30 pm

  • Baycrest Hospital Lunch Delivery – TBA

  • If there is enough interest we will be adding a second date at Sunnybrook for the Pediatric Unit.

  • Lunch prepared by East Side Mario’s Restaurant.

What will Crestwood Students need to do:

  • Donate $15 to cover the cost of lunch for 1 frontline worker (either online or bring cash on the day of).

  • Make a thank you sign.

  • Each volunteer will need a parent to drive them to the hospital.

  • Arrive at the hospital entrance in Crestwood gear at the designated time (TBA).

All volunteers will practice social distancing and will not come in contact with any other volunteers or the hospital staff.

If you would like to purchase a meal, sign up to help deliver meals, or both please follow these links:
Delivery Sign Up:
Purchase Meals: